Heal Damaged Batteries & Charge Your Devices 4x Faster

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Our Patented Technology Saves Batteries

The mobile device charger that will supercharge any USB device on the spot and takes good care of your battery.

Intelligent Multi-Current System

Reverse Battery Aging

Fast-Charge All Your Devices at Once

Smart Circuit Charging

Full Spectrum Surge Protection

Multifrequency Ion Drive

Reverse Battery Aging & Damage

Built To Last

Never wait for a full charge ever again

Charge Your Devices To 4x Faster

This is the magic of the MultiVoltz. Equipped with Battery Synthesis Technology and QC 3.0 technology – the most advanced charging system available. It’s 10x faster than regular chargers on the market, and it can charge multiple devices all at once.

Reverse Battery Aging & Damage

The MultiVoltz integrated smart circuits are designed to monitor the charging performance of your battery. It will automatically stop charging once your battery is fully charged. This mechanism reverses the aging process of your battery and heals past damage. The MultiVoltz is equipped with a proprietary cooling system to maintain a cool, healthy temperature to keep your devices safe and protected.

Compatible with Apple® and Android™ devices

Compatible with all leading mobile devices iPhone, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Google, ZTE, Xiaomi, Alcatel, Sony, OnePlus.

Charge Your Devices 4x Faster

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Full Charge In 15 Minutes Or Less

We have worked on new technology for more than 5 years to create MultiVoltz. Our team developed a unique technology that smart charges your devices, making each charge last longer by avoiding frying your battery capacity.

MultiVoltz is the world’s first super charger that uses this patented battery healing technology.

As seen below:

The Amazing Ultra-Fast Charger

Your Battery Will Thank You

The MultiVoltz ultra-fast charger will charge any device with a USB cable, even fast-charge devices from older generations. Simply plug in the USB cord into the port and Intelligent Current Recognition will identify your device and deliver just the right amount of power.

Over 10,000 Sold & Thousands of 5-star Reviews

The MultiVoltz charger has been on the market only for a few months - and we’ve sold out many times over. With thousands of five star reviews we are proud to have served so may customers in such a short time. Our patented technology does not only help reverse battery aging, but our engineers have designed a charging frequence that actually charges your device 4x faster compared to factory chargers in our testing.

It’s compatible with every kind of device that charges via USB or USB-C, and supports charging up to 4 devices at the same time. Get yourself one today at 50% off.

MultiVoltz Features

MultiVoltz is the first solution that charges your devices ultra fast, but also helps reverse battery aging & damage. But that’s not all.

QC 3.0 Technology

Charge your devices 4x faster - all it takes is 35 minutes to charge from 0% - 70%

100% Safeguarded

Surge protection protects your devices all at once from overheating, overcharging, extreme voltage, or short circuiting.

Save Space

Put away all the ugly clutter. Now you can charge up to 4 separate devices with only one wall plug.

Save Time

Spend less time waiting for your phone to charge, and more time living your life!

Smart Integrated Circuit (IT) Technology

Detects your device and delivers a maximum output of 3.1A - it won’t overheat or blow up your phone.

Take it anywhere!

Fits inside your handbag, laptop bag, and pocket. It’s also fully compliant with TSA travel guidelines.


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  • 2-years warranty
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